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Our workshop specializes in electronics. We are happy to help you with, e.g. :
-Repair work on your electronic instrument, whether guitar, bass, studio technology, keyboards, digital-
Pianos or synthesizers
-E-guitar modification (pickups etc.)
-Amplifier tube changes
-Individual cable production 


-String and machine head changes
-Guitar intonation
-Align guitar neck
-General guitar maintenance
-Accordion tuning
-Harmonica reed plates changes
-Delivery and pick-up service on request
-Cost estimates on request
-Short term rental on request 

Custom guitar picks

Orders are only accepted in our store.
More information in our store or by email: 

Any questions

Our workshop and service team will be happy to assist you!
0421/32 54 84

Mon-Wed 11:00 - 18:00
Fri             11:00 - 18:00
Sa               11:00-15:00
The workshop is closed on Thursdays. 

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